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No two crowns are alike

Unquestionably, crowns and pushers are best described as small parts with a big effect. Pushers control chronograph functions, set hands in motion, stop them, and reset them again. Crowns are used to set the time, correct the date, and wind the mainspring. Screw-down crowns shall match perfectly with their threaded counterparts in the case.

But crowns are also precious branding elements made of different materials, from polymers to platinum. They display embossed, engraved, or inlaid brand logos. They hold precious stones such as cabochons or have gem-set circumferences. Some crowns are mirror-polished, others are sandblasted or satin-finished. In brief, no two crowns are quite alike. This diversity has successfully inspired MECO to create crowns that perfectly match each customer’s brand in terms of design, quality, and finishing.